UL is rocking Kaufleuten!

Friday | June 28th, 2013

Thanks to 20min for the recognition!

My team & I are doing Unashamed Luxury with a lot of passion,
so this is very appreciated!

See you all tomorrow Night at Kaufleuten!

Photo Credits: Christoph Varga

UL is rocking Kaufleuten!

Unashamed Luxury - 29.06

Wednesday | June 26th, 2013

This Saturdy, June 29th, I'm back with my party label 'Unashamed Luxury' at the famous Club Kaufleuten.

A special and unique adventure will be happening once the curtains open.
Be ready for a sensational visual attraction in combination with many specials throughout the night.

Click here to win a Kaufleuten Membercard, dinner and a table at Unashamed Luxury this Saturday!

See you on Saturday!

Unashamed Luxury - 29.06

My 1st Gig in Sweden!

Tuesday | June 25th, 2013

Last night I played in a small town in Sweden called Halmstadt, where many swedish people spend their summer holidays.
The Club is inside a nice Hotel which is owned by Per Gessler

Club Monday is only open for 8 nights in the summer, yesterday was season kick off.
I had a lot of fun DJing, the crowd was totally up for it and the majority of swedish girls all look like little angels sent from party heaven.

My 1st Gig in Sweden! My 1st Gig in Sweden!

Unashamed Radio Show - Episode 3

Monday | June 17th, 2013

Whazaa World!
The Summer is finally here in Zurich and so is the 3rd Edition of the Unashamed Radio Show!
This Mix is dedicated to Bucharest and the amazing Fratelli Club where I DJ at! I started the Mix when I played there back in April and I'm excited to be out there in July again!

Tracklist -> Lyrics of the mp3 file.

Share with your friends, turn it up & enjoy!

Yours truly


Yeezus - Album pre-listening in Zurich!

Friday | June 14th, 2013

Yesterday afternoon I got a phone call asking if I want to play at Kanye West's exclusive Album pre-listening at Prive Club in Zurich. My excitement was out of control.

I've been a fan of his music ever since I got into Hip Hop at an early age and have a lot of respect for his work.

Kanye showed up at around 01:00 AM and hung out behind the DJ booth for a while, before he stepped up, greeted me friendly and told me he likes the record I'm playing, I shall let it play (Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Can't Stop). He then connected his iPhone to the mixer and started his album pre-listening.

So basically, all attendees in the club got the opportunity to hear the entire album before it drops June 18th. I'm not sure if people realized what was going on…

The album sounds super sick! I've heard a couple of songs on Youtube already, but not all, his rap skills are on point and beats sound massive! I'm very excited for the release!

Unfortunately, there is a lot of negative buzz on the internet about the night. Kanye interrupted the music and asked the crowd to stop taking pics and listen to his music. Many people didn't understand… Well, they probably aren't aware how much passion, effort, hours of work and dedication go into an album. Therefore, presenting a new album shortly before it gets released, is something very intimate, I imagine, and for me, it was totally legit that he was annoyed by all who didn't focus on the music.

Kanye is a forward thinking dope ass artist with a lot of character and ahead of most of us – Respect!

Yeezus - Album pre-listening in Zurich!

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