Playing at Movida (Dubai)

Friday | October 5th, 2012

After a first crazy night out I'm back spinning at Movida tonight.

The past times I've played here have always been so much fun so I can't wait to hit the Decks tonight.

Playing at Movida (Dubai)

Touchdown Dubai!

Thursday | October 4th, 2012

What's up World!

I just checked into my Hotel Room here in Dubai and I'm very excited to be back!

For now, check out my Interview with Ahlan , a big magazine from Dubai!

Touchdown Dubai!

Announcing the next Unashamed Luxury!

Thursday | September 27th, 2012

Mesdames et Messieurs

DJ Cruz & Friends proudly presents the next “Unashamed Luxury”.


After a crazy one year anniversary we are ready to enter our 2nd year of partying with a young tradition and fresh excitement on Saturday, October 27th.


See you all there!
DJ Cruz & Friends

Attend the Facebook Event here

for table reservations please contact:
reservation@kaufleuten.ch or +41 44 225 33 22

Announcing the next Unashamed Luxury!

Freestyle.ch Recap!

Sunday | September 23rd, 2012

This weekend Europa's biggest Freestyle Event hit our beautiful city Zurich.

I remember going pretty much every year since around 1997 and loved it ever since.
This year I played for the Snowboarders & during the crossover Session, which was dope!

Great vibe, awesome crowd, so much fun, supersick riders and an overall amazing Freestyle 2012!

Freestyle.ch Recap!

Luxembourg, Basel, St Gallen - Recap

Sunday | September 16th, 2012

Short recap: Played at M Club in Luxembourg on Friday and had a lot of fun! My boys take great care of me, crowd was up for it and we went on till 6am as they always do.

On Saturday I played the launch event from the new afternoon party series at Bar Nr 1 in Basel. Even tho I was only able to play an early set due to my schedule, enjoyed it!

Then I was off to St. Gallen to play the Club Opening of Felix. A couple of friends from Zurich joined me and we had a crazy blast! Congrats to the team & all the best!

Luxembourg, Basel, St Gallen - RecapLuxembourg, Basel, St Gallen - Recap

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