May Dates Overview

Tuesday | May 1st, 2012

Here is a short overview of all my Shows in May

04.5 Cuckoo (London)
05.5 Movida (London)
11.5 Club No 1 (Saarbrücken)
12.5 Kinky Sweet, Aer Club (Stuttgart,DE)
16.5 Too Sexy, Pravda (Luzern)
19.5 Unique, Trischli (St. Gallen)

Hope to see you around!


Summer Weekend by Tilllate

Sunday | April 29th, 2012
Summer Weekend by Tilllate

Tilllate asked some People how they are spending their first summer day. Well, I spent it traveling back home from Geneva and preparing for Unashamed Luxury.
Read the article here


Atom Life

Sunday | April 29th, 2012

I usually don't release my Edits, Bootlegs etc since I like to keep them exclusive for my Sets, but here is one I'm sharing. No biggie, just two very dope Tracks.

Atom Life (DJ Cruz Edit)- John Dahlback vs. Nari & Milani


Round 6: Unashamed Luxury

Saturday | April 28th, 2012

Tonight we are going in for Round 6 of UNASHAMED LUXURY at Kaufleuten and I'm amazingly hyped as usual!
I hope its going to be a further Magical Night!

See you all tonight!!

Round 6: Unashamed Luxury

Some Pictures from L'Arc (Paris)

Wednesday | April 25th, 2012
Some Pictures from L'Arc (Paris)Some Pictures from L'Arc (Paris)Some Pictures from L'Arc (Paris)Some Pictures from L'Arc (Paris)Some Pictures from L'Arc (Paris)Some Pictures from L'Arc (Paris)

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