New Blend from my DJ Sets

Friday | June 29th, 2012

From time to time I share an Edit, Blend or Tool I create for my own DJ Sets. This one consists of the massive and freshly released Track by Hard Rock Sofa & Squire with the Vocals by Florence & The Machine!


School's Out Party @ Prive

Wednesday | June 27th, 2012

Tonight I'm playing the 'Freies Gymnasium Zürich' Matur-Party at Privé.

For those who don't know, Club Privé used to be Club Saint Germain, where I used to do my 'Cruz Unlimited' Nights. Memories..

School's Out Party @ Prive

Throwback - The Warm-Up Show (2007)

Monday | June 25th, 2012

Strictly Hip Hop!

This Mix I made back in 2007. I called it the Warm-Up Show cause I was handing it out to all the Promotors and Club Owners when I was 17 years old to get booked for the Warm-Ups – that's how it worked back then..


Listen & Download here!


Touch the Air - Openair

Saturday | June 23rd, 2012

The Festival Season is opened and my first Stage Appearance is going to be tonight at 01:30 AM at the Winston Dome. I'm looking forward to play and also watch some of the massive Acts on the Main Stage.

If you're there come rave by!

Touch the Air - Openair

Interview with Shamim

Saturday | June 23rd, 2012

Here is an unedited Interview with Shamim who runs a nice Blog all about Dubai.
Check it out!


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