Unashamed Luxury


The Unashamed World is a label founded and run by Zurich based DJ / Producer Cruz. The idea behind the concept is to bring together all creative art forms from music, events, clothing and there’s more to come. Currently it consists of an event at Club Kaufleuten since over 2 Years, an outdoor Day-Party and a Radio Show which airs in Switzerland and Germany.

UNASHAMED LUXURY After 4 successful years of being a resident DJ at the legendary Kaufleuten Club in Zurich, DJ Cruz has been given his own night monthly, where he launched his party label “Unashamed Luxury” in August 2011. The focus has stayed the same over the past 2 amazing years: a mix between the newest & freshest cutting edge sounds from forward thinking Electronic Dance Music to raw Hip Hop and Trap combined with visuals, artistic performances, give aways, innovative promotion and many more sensations for the classy crowd. With Cruz Headlining the Party, we are currently doing preparations to expand the label internationally and bring the unique flavor to Clubs around the world.

UNASHAMED DAY-PARTY The first Day-Party took place at Strozzi’s, a beautiful and exclusive venue at the lake of Zurich in Summer 2013. Beach flags, lights and balloons decorated the entry while the DJ Booth was placed in the center highlighted with lights, surrounded by a great sounding PA system.

The area was split up into 4 destinations, each hosting an individual specialty. Ibiza served Hierbas and Sangria, free Wakeboarding for the guests was available in Miami, Sushi and Sake was served in Hong Kong and St Tropez hosted all tables and served Lillet. Fireworks ended the Party with its amazing vibes and preparations for the next round in August 2014 are in full effect.

UNASHAMED RADIO SHOW The Radio Show is a 1h musical journey which takes you from Dance, House, Hip Hop, Trap, Indie to Deep House mixed by DJ Cruz. Having no genre limitations is what makes this Mix unique and each show has its own flavor through the musical selection. Its currently aired on Radio 105 in Switzerland and Planet Radio in Germany. In the near future, it will be on air in different cities all around the world.