3 Years Unashamed Luxury – Kaufleuten, Zurich

3 years ago DJ Cruz & his friends turned their vision into a label with the founding of ‘Unashamed Luxury’ at the beautiful Club Kaufleuten in August 2011.

Their passion drove them to develop a new concept and theme for each individual event, offering an evolutionary approach to partying, worthy of the amazing people of Zurich.

Friends, family and the positive vibes from the guests created a magical atmosphere that brought laughter, fun, and connection, having created many wild memories over these years.

The musical direction by DJ Cruz and his guest artists, such as Cedric Zeyenne, Zsuzsu and more never stopped expanding: uplifting & good music, covering Dance to Trap, Hip Hop, Indie, Deep House and more.

Thank You for your continuous support during these amazing 3 years – its highly appreciated!

DJ Cruz & Friends

Video directed by Tony Mola

Music by DJ Cruz (unreleased Tracks)

Footage: over the past 3 Years